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Annual Report

Annual Report 2016

As the drive for faster train speeds, heavier freight and higher traffic density continues, coupled with the national aim of a 24/7 railway, the need for smarter working practices, innovation and novel solutions increases. This presents ongoing engineering challenges, particularly as rail and track component materials become more and more sophisticated.

Each member company is entitled to a seat on the IoRW management committee, which brings together infrastructure controllers, welding suppliers, welding contractors, safety experts and training specialists. A key benefit of membership is the opportunity to receive high-level industry briefings, updates on standards and key safety information.

Recent achievements have included the successful adoption of ISO 3834 ‘Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials’. The requirements of this standard have been adapted by the IoRW to suit the needs of rail welding. The system is managed under the TWI CL Welder Fabricator Certification Scheme. Some 15 companies have successfully achieved ISO 3834 status, giving confidence to the country’s infrastructure controllers that every aspect of rail welding is accompanied by high-level quality assurance.

Eur Ing Bob Sawdon CEng, FWeldI
Vice Chairman IoRW