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Diesel locomotive rebuilt as an electric

Diesel locomotive rebuilt as an electric

08 May 2018

A prototype twin-unit electric freight locomotive is being produced at the Diesel Locomotive Works in Varanasi, India, by rebuilding two diesel locomotives. The 12-axle WAGC3 is being formed from two permanently-coupled sections each rated at 5,000 hp, compared to 2,600 hp for each of the original WDG3A diesel-electric freight locomotives. The frames, bogies and traction motors of the diesel locomotive have been retained and combined with the sidewalls and roof from a withdrawn WAM4 electric locomotive. The electrical systems are based on a WAG7 electric locomotive, while the original Alco diesel engine has been discarded. If the conversion proves successful, further diesel locomotives could be rebuilt into electric locomotives instead of undergoing mid-life overhauls.

Railway Gazette, Apr. 2018. p.8.