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Rail inspection: scanning for defects

Rail inspection: scanning for defects

08 March 2017

Reports on developments at a number of rail inspection providers. In 2016 Sperry Rail launched its Adaptive Test System, which is deployed via a carriage that can fit on any gauge of track and was designed to advance the company's 1900 test system. Nordco has not yet revealed details of a still being developed enhanced defect detection method that it calls 'groundbreaking', but does say that the method will allow it to find defects under shelling; early test results are promising. Herzog Services is developing a long-term project aimed at delivering key statistical insights to customers through its tape database. Herzog will also implement new technology to introduce automatic visual inspection systems in conjunction with ultrasonic rail inspection. L B Foster Salient Systems says that an increasing number of rail operators are recognising the need to better understand and manage thermal stress inherent in continuous welded rail structures: this is leading to a growing demand for the company's Rail Stress Monitor.

Railway Track and Structures, Jan. 2017. pp.16,18,20.