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Sentinel Registration

Sentinel Registration

Network Rail is the owner and operator of the UK’s railway network. Sentinel covers contractors and employees using smartcard technology. 

The Sentinel system has replaced the old style approach by using a single long-life smartcard that can be checked on site electronically, in a variety of ways, including dedicated mobile apps, basic QR code checks, and PC based validation.

By using a single smartcard, many item costs have been cut and value added by providing many new features to sponsors and contractors that were previously unavailable.

Using the latest technology means that information checked on site is always up-to-date, providing additional confidence to supervisors and workforce alike.

Simultaneous checks are made on drug and alcohol test validity to ensure that the workforce have all the credentials required to work on the Network Rail estate.

The real-time service provides:

  • Reduced site registration times due to smart technology
  • A single, long life (up to 5 years) smartcard
  • 100% authentication of ID and skills
  • Improved protection for lone workers
  • A live register of people and skills on site
  • Opportunities to improve and streamline frontline processes


For more information, visit the Sentinel website.