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Automation drives an urban revolution

Automation drives an urban revolution

14 January 2019

Reports on the Smart Metro conference which took place in Paris on October 30-31. As well as a core stream looking at the evolution of communications-based train control, the event included sessions on assets and digitalisation, operational excellence and smart mobility, along with presentations on autonomous vehicles, robotic maintenance and integrated multi-modal smart ticketing. With the conference taking place in Paris, many of the presentations focused on the huge investment in new and upgraded metro lines being undertaken as part of the Grand Paris Express programme, as well as the EOLE project to expand RER Line E into a cross-city corridor. RATP's Head of Systems Engineering Clauder Andlauer reported that investment in the capital's metro network in 2012-20 was running at €1.6bn a year, with four lines being extended and three new automated routes under construction. Together these would bring a 37% increase in capacity. Also reports on the NExTEO resignalling project. This communications-based train control system is being developed by Siemens for use on RER Line E from 2021, but will also be rolled out on lines B and D under a joint project between SNCF and RATP.

Railway Gazette International, Dec. 2018. pp.46-47.