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Austrak, Laing O'Rourke and USQ join forces on composite rail technology

23 November 2018

With negotiations over the terms of the UK's departure from the European Union still ongoing, the government issued a series of Technical Notices on October 12 setting out the potential impact of a 'No Deal Brexit' on the rail sector. Suggesting that 'it would still be able to pursue bilateral agreements with EU countries', the government said that it was 'seeking mutual recognition of all necessary documentation so that operators from the UK and the EU can continue to operate cross-border services without interruption'. The UK would 'continue to meet our obligations as a member of COTIF in all scenarios', it emphasised. Rail safety and standards agency RTSSB had set out on October 4 its view that UK companies and suppliers would still need to meet the legal requirements designed to promote common safety and technical principles across all EU railways, whether or not a withdrawal deal is agreed. Technical Specifications for Interoperability would still apply during any transition period, and in the event of a no-deal scenario would be adapted as domestic legislation, being published by the Secretary of State for Transport as National Technical Specification Notices.

Railway Gazette International, Nov. 2018. p.26.